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Monday, 17 June 2024

Can Aston Villa Channel Leicester’s Spirit to Win the 2024 Premier League?


Predictions are usually a nice thing, especially when it comes to sports and your favourite teams. Every game our favourite players play is something we all watch, from their gameplay to style changes, team lineups, injuries, and everything in between.

No matter how hard you search or how much you study, there are situations when the results are unsatisfactory, and that is how the game flips. It’s unavoidable. This is the reason why this sport is both incredibly alluring and extremely frustrating.

 Today, we’ll talk about the Premier League and a club that now has a genuine possibility of winning the league  because of their recent performance and form – Aston Villa.

Aston Villa is third on Premier League standings

Aston Villa is one of the oldest football teams in England, having been established in 1874. Since 1897, the club has called Villa Park in Birmingham, which can accommodate more than 42,000 spectators, home.

With a large following and a rich history, this side is predicted to win the Premier League in 2024 by its supporters. But if you want precise predictions try epl predictions at XGScore and see what they say, right after you finish reading this article.

Aston Villa’s last two games were, at most, outstanding. They defeated Man City and Arsenal thanks to shrewd moves and constant pressure. It goes without saying that the fact that they both triumphed at home will mean the world to their supporters, and from what we could see and hear, it did. The level of support was extraordinary.

The fact that Aston Villa is in their sixth season of collecting 35 or more points in the first 16 games is another intriguing aspect that may contribute to our belief that they can win the 2024 Premier League.

We are now more inclined to believe that Aston Villa will truly win this year’s Premier League thanks to all of these data points and statistics. The group is formidable, the coaching is unwavering, and the gameplay is fantastic, but this was to be anticipated in this:



We all know that a team leader needs to have an amazing resume and extensive experience when it comes to leadership. This implies that Unai Emery, who has exceptional expertise and has demonstrated it in great detail, is the most qualified candidate for this role.

He has won three straight Europa Leagues with Sevilla, League One with PSG, and a few Coupe de France titles. He led Arsenal, but it appeared that they weren’t a good fit for him tactically, and he demonstrated that when he moved to Villareal, where he excelled by winning the Europa League once more and making it to the semi-finals of the Champion League, which they, unfortunately, lost due to a keeper error and nothing else.



When you take a squad into consideration, you need to look at everyone from behind to front, from the keeper, defence, midfielders to the attackers and we will do that. This Aston Villa team is very well put together and they really work well together, and most importantly work well with Emery’s tactics and playstyle.

Let’s start from behind:

  • Goalkeeper – Emiliano Martínez, one of the best keepers on the planet and we don’t have to say much more there.
  • Defenders – players that form a tough defence wall for Villa are Diego Carlos, Pau Torres, Lucas Digne Clement Lenglet are all the guys that have played in the Champions League and have more than good experience at the highest level.
  • Midfielders – when it comes to the part of the field that you play the most you have to have strong and tough guys and Villa isn’t lacking with names like Boubacar Kamara, Youri Tielemans, John McGinn and Douglas Luiz who have also played at the top level before this season and are dominating their part in this one as well.
  • Wingers like Leon Bailey and Moussa Diaby are an absolute must and elite ones like these two will surely propel Villa toward that win next year.
  • Striker is the last link in this intricate system and Villa has one that has all the makings if not all of them already of being an elite striker. We are of course talking about Ollie Watkins.

So after all of this has been taken into consideration after we saw how they play, how they move and outmanoeuvre opposition and taking into consideration the spirit of Leicester is it possible for Aston Villa to take the PL in 2024? We think more than likely.

If you take what Leicester did, with being third to fourth on the table nearly halfway through the season and just beating two great teams like Man City and Arsenal, then yes we think that not-so-long history may repeat itself but this time with a different team – Aston Villa.


What also is interesting is seeing and reading everywhere else that people are starting to believe more in this and that  Villa’s chances are growing with each day. Everyone now is comparing Leicester and Aston Villa but if you consider some things, Villa is far better than them. Those things are Villa’s squad that is on paper at first and now on the field far better than Leicester, and the managerial department is more advanced as well.

With the game tactics this good, the constant pressure on the midfield and quickly pushing toward, Aston Villa has a chance to pin down “better teams” and make them play their game. This is the purest example we saw in the last two games against City and Arsenal. Midfielders pushed up and commanded the midfield and then the swift push forward with wings back pushing up quickly that sometimes they seemed like they were effectively wingers.

This exact playstyle and managerial level that Villa is on now will mean that they can easily parry any team out there and win for that matter. If they keep their composure and if they stay out of injuries and problems, we don’t see why they wouldn’t win the 2024 Premier League.

What do you think?!


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