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Monday, 17 June 2024

Instagram and some Dogmas – Gulfinside


Eating food regularly, drinking water every now and then and dressing up regularly are the main and must do chores in everybody’s life. The list has a

Eating food regularly, drinking water every now and then and dressing up regularly are the main and must do chores in everybody’s life. The list has added some new agendas and conventions on it and among them is Instagram status. Some are posting on their instagram profile while some others are downloading with instagram story download for their multiple reviews and reflections to help improve or refer to their future posts. Instagram has become integral to the daily lives of millions and millions of users every day. Every day we share our experiences that life offers us. We share those experiences with others and then estimate how people perceive what we offer on our statuses and profiles. But without doubt this aap has engendered various beliefs among its users. Somewhere it is causing some mental health issues and they too are of various kinds and somewhere it is developing new norms in the society. Overall, people have diverse and varying views about Instagram and its impacts.

The Instagram Influence

It has become an evident view that Instagram has instilled the want of perfection among its users. Beauty without a flaw, lifestyle that is lavish, smiles that are endless, dressing that is heavenly and living that is boastful has become the order of the day. Its sees no difference between rich and poor, if you are on Instagram, you are required by some celestial implication to boast only what is best and what is ultra cosmetic. Using filters is universally true for genders, be it male, be it female or be is any transgender. So this can be said that Instagram culture is promoting the beautification of life on an unrealistic standard. The inherent flaw that is a must byproduct of this culture is that those who lack means to withstand these flashy looks for all times every day are likely to suffer from imperfections like self-doubt and scantiness. Users are making limitless interactions with instagram downloader day and night to keep themselves abreast with trends and updates on Instagram.

Unveiling the Drawbacks

Alongside these drawbacks, there are some more areas of concern which are undeniably posing greater challenges to the users whether they are aware of them or not. By all means and for all the time, social jealousy is on the rise because unknowingly the users are compelled to compare with others. Then self-confidence is being crippled when users are looking forward to having validation from other users on such a large scale and the even more important to note is that not everybody gets positive reviews. And this adds to mental and moral misery of the users. Lastly, many of the social norms are being compromised. 


There should be some measures taken by the organization to introduce some strategic interventions which somehow curb the consequences for the users as not all of them are literate enough and controlled enough to exercise mitigation to nullify the damages. 


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