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Monday, 17 June 2024
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Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses: A Buyer’s Guide and Recommendations


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If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you probably know the importance of protection from the sun. However, if you’re a cyclist, chances are you spend more time on your bike than most people.

We all have different preferences when it comes to using our sunglasses on our bike rides. Some swear by wrap-around sunglasses; others prefer “direct-vision” sunglasses to allow more of your field of view, while others will take a hat in every time the sun is out. For example, you might prefer a sports/fashion/urban frame, whereas others prefer a more trail-oriented design. There are also frames that are designed to fit most faces and hairstyles, as well as those that allow you to change the lenses for different conditions.

If you ride a bike, you know the importance of protecting your eyes. This is especially true when you’re biking in the dark, which is why people often wear riding glasses. But do you know which types of glasses are best for mountain biking? Here, we’ll go over the top mountain bike sunglasses, and explain why you should be looking into getting them. Plus, we’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the best glasses for your needs.. Read more about best mountain biking sunglasses 2023 and let us know what you think.

For a variety of reasons, a good pair of sunglasses is an important component of every mountain biker’s gear. The most apparent benefit is protection from strong sunshine, which allows you to see clearly down the path with reduced glare, squinting, and UV damage to your eyes.

They also provide physical protection from trail debris, such as roost from another rider’s back tire, puddle spray, mosquitoes, and stray tree branches.

Obviously, the bigger the lens, the more protection it provides against these hazards; but, it’s also critical that they wrap around to provide some side protection, block out light, and keep wind from tearing your eyes.

Of course, such coverage must be balanced with how they fit on your face — if the lens or frame contacts your face, they will fog up more quickly, be unpleasant, and cause the glasses to wander about.

Many riding glasses have a half-frame construction, which means the lens is only partly connected to the frame. This provides for a wider and less obscured field of vision, but it also means the lens is more susceptible to breakage while not in use.

Different frames may work better for certain individuals than others, depending on their face characteristics and head size. Even while we attempt to point out which glasses are best for various individuals, nothing beats putting them on for yourself.

Check that they work properly with your selected helmet and that they don’t dig into your head or cause additional pressure spots. Whatever anybody may say, appearances are essential, but that is a highly personal decision, and many models will come with a variety of frame colors.

Additional costly glasses include more features, such as readily replaceable lenses and a noisepiece and arm fit that can be adjusted. The price will increase the quality and clarity of the lenses. A superior lens will distort your vision less, resulting in clearer vision and less strain on your eyes.

Light-sensitive photochromic lenses, which feature a unique coating that responds to light, are now found in many high-end spectacles. This means you can use a single lens for both sunny and cloudy days, although even the best lenses may take a while to respond, and cheaper lenses can take much longer.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, check out the finest mountain biking sunglasses we’ve recently tested.

Mountain bike sunglasses are the best.

  • £60 / €80 Alpina Twist Five CM+ Alpina Twist Five CM+ Alpina Twist Five
  • £50 for Avenger BBB
  • Madison is a stealthy character. is £35 and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Photochromic Oakley Flight Jacket: £217 / $226 / AU$295 / €218
  • £70 / $94 / AU$120 / €81 Fractal Revo by dhb
  • £155 / €190 Reactivation of Julbo Fury

Alpina Twist Five CM+

An adjustable nosepiece and angle-adjustable arms assist provide a secure fit on the face. MBUK

The red mirror lens from Alpina provides the images a warm feel and is beautifully curved without creating any distortion.

An adjustable nosepiece and angle-adjustable arms assist provide a secure fit on the face. Small screws adorn the frame, giving it a high-build-quality and good-value feel. They’re less athletic and more pub-friendly in appearance, which might be a plus or a negative for you.

However, the smaller lenses provide less coverage than other glasses, increasing the chances of dirt getting in. On the bike, we didn’t mind that more of the frame was visible than on the other models.

BBB Avenger

There are three lenses included: a dark tint, a yellow lens for low light, and a clear lens.

These BBB glasses offer excellent airflow due to cutaways at the top of the lens, while sitting extremely close to the face, particularly across the cheeks. The nosepiece is adjustable, so you may fine-tune the fit.

They come with three lenses: a dark tint, a yellow lens for low light, and a clear lens, making them an excellent bargain. Changing lenses is as simple as popping them out of the frame. We didn’t have any problems with the optics.

However, because of their wide form, their arms may conflict with certain helmets. To achieve the perfect fit and prevent them from touching our eyelids, we had to fine-tune the nosepiece.

Madison Stealth

The Stealths are very comfortable to wear all day because to their light weight.

Because of their light weight, the Stealths are very comfortable to wear all day and are hardly visible on the face. The frameless form, which allows for complete sight, echoes this. The nosepiece may be adjusted for a better fit.

A three-lens set, comprising clear and yellow lenses, is available for an extra £20. It’s simple to switch them with a twist of the arms.

Splashes may get up beneath the glasses since the lens isn’t the deepest. We also discovered that, owing to the frame’s flexibility, they lacked a little of stability over rougher terrain.

Photochromic Oakley Flight Jacket

They remain in place even while you’re sweating thanks to the adjustable fit.

  • £217.00 / $226.00 / AU$295.00 / €218.00

When your head is down, the high-quality photochromic lens rapidly transforms from clear to dark, and there’s no frame at the top, so you can see clearly.

The build quality of Oakley sunglasses is outstanding, as is the availability of replacement parts and support. The adjustable fit keeps them in place even while you’re sweating, and the ‘Advancer’ nose bridge let you to pull the lens away from your face to avoid fogging.

However, we found it difficult to modify the nose bridge on the fly. It also alters the weight distribution, providing the impression of being heavier. Changing lenses is also more difficult than with previous Oakley models. The price is also a surprise!

dhb Fractal Revo

On a sunny day, the Fractal Revos are best suited to wide terrain.

  • Price: £70 ($94/AU$120/€81).

The Fractal Revos are best suited to wide terrain on sunny days, when its reflecting lens filters over 80% of light, significantly reducing brightness and glare.

The full frame, which is intended for small to medium-sized faces, did not obstruct our vision, and the highly-sprung frame and arms gripped well even on rocky terrain while remaining comfortable on long rides.

In dappled light, the dark, blue-ish lens isn’t optimal, since the decreased contrast makes picking out path obstructions difficult. We’d anticipate an adjustable nosepiece and a higher-quality feel for the price.

Julbo Fury Reactiv

The big lens provides plenty of protection.

The big lens provides enough of protection, but since it’s only held in a few critical places by the frame, airflow is great, with no excessive fogging.

The split arms include a flexible, rubbery portion that offers comfort over the ears and, when coupled with the nosepiece, provides a secure fit. The photochromic Reactiv lens responds rapidly to light, although not as quickly as Oakley’s counterpart.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the quality feel that comes with such a high price tag, with a non-adjustable nosepiece and a flimsy feel owing to the lens not being connected all the way around the frame.

Do you own a pair of mountain bike sunglasses? If yes, you are probably curious about what all the best mountain bike sunglasses are and how they perform, right? Well, here is what you will read in this blog post: There is a large market out there with a lot of unique products. There are a lot of options to choose from, and that is why it is really hard to make a decision. We tested a few different brands, and after deciding on the best, we decided to write a buyer’s guide to help those that are looking to buy their first pair.. Read more about smith mountain bike glasses and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best color lens for mountain biking?

The best color lens for mountain biking is a yellow lens.

Should I get polarized sunglasses for mountain biking?

You should get polarized sunglasses if you are going to be riding on a mountain bike in the sun.

What should I look for in mountain bike goggles?

The most important thing to look for in mountain bike goggles is the lens. Most mountain bike goggles have a single lens, but some have two lenses. If you want to see more of your surroundings, then you should get a pair with two lenses.

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