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Monday, 17 June 2024
Cryptocurrency / NFTs.

Art Without Borders: Virtual Exhibitions Bridge the Gap Between Artists and Audiences


By: Axel Rodriguez

As the ways in which artists showcase their works constantly evolve, it is important to note how the digital realm has transformed how artists create, showcase, and sell their works. With the introduction of virtual exhibitions and the use of online platforms in conjunction with advanced technologies, art has become more democratized. 

At the forefront of this new wave is VR or virtual reality technology. The advancements in VR allow viewers to completely immerse themselves in an interactive art space that merges into a three-dimensional world mimicking real galleries. Giving viewers the ability to enhance their engagement and create more unique and memorable experiences. 

Another game-changer for the art world has been the use of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT’s). Their blockchain technology allows for a transparent way to establish ownership and authenticity of digital assets. Making it possible for artists to create art in a digital landscape and safely secure their sales.

Virtual exhibitions break down physical barriers by allowing artists and viewers alike to access works they otherwise might not have gotten the chance to explore. People from all over the world can connect through art fostering more cultural exchanges and appreciations for diverse perspectives.

The new virtual landscape also allows for economic empowerment for artists. Online exhibitions allow artists to reach wider audiences and gain more recognition for their work while simultaneiusly  eliminating the need for a middle-man in art giving artists more control over where their work goes. 

Art Without Borders: Virtual Exhibitions Bridge the Gap Between Artists and Audiences

Photo Credit: Jane Owen PR

Arakelian’s Odyssey from Myth to Metaverse 

This journey into the digital art realm wouldn’t be complete without diving into the captivating example of Narine Arakelian’s “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” exhibition. This showcase, running from January 25th to August 7th, 2023, at the Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia, exemplifies the fusion of technology and creativity in virtual art spaces.

Drawing inspiration from Aphrodite’s Rock, steeped in Greek and Cypriot mythology, Arakelian explores themes of love, beauty, and transformation. The ambiguity of myths surrounding Aphrodite’s rituals and encounters at this site highlights the timeless influence of these tales.

“‘I believe this is one of the best collaborations with Metaverse that allows people from different places and time points to enter my art space. I create a space where time and place are not important and as many people as possible can join the art by having an immersive experience,’ said the artist. ‘It is a place where I create my reality and have a freer expression than creating physical works. In my case, the works become avatars that can convey a message that any viewer can consider in this case. This is a very valuable experience for me as an artist,’” Arakelian said.

Arakelian utilizes the word “Metamorphosis” to signify the evolution into a virtual world. Her art aims to create a smooth transition for the collective as they face unprecedented virtual challenges. Her works blur the lines between artist and life itself, reflecting the transformative power of digital art.

A standout feature is a captivating performance filmed at Aphrodite’s Rock beach, where Arakelian herself swims amongst the age-old stones. This performance symbolizes metamorphosis, both of the artist and life itself, in a fusion of past and present.

Arakelian’s choice of materials, like water and earth, embodies the amorphous state of matter and life-giving forces of nature. She brings natural elements like Armenian moonstone into the digital world of her avatars, creating a space where environmental materials and verbal messages combine through human communication.

Art Without Borders: Virtual Exhibitions Bridge the Gap Between Artists and Audiences

Photo Credit: Jane Owen PR

“ As an Armenian artist, I see the connection between stones that are exclusive to Armenia, like the moonstone from the bottom of Lake Sevan, which is identical to the structure of water, and black tuff, a stone endowed with sacred meaning. It turned out to be an inexhaustible resource from the point of view of the reality of Metaverse, where I created avatars of stones that will convey benevolent messages to people coming to the place. For me it’s a new level of art where art can communicate directly and combine environmental materials and verbal messages through human communication. And for me it’s a kind of fairy tale that I manage to create as a new reality and this is amazing.  It’s a new opportunity for a spiritual message that I can share with the world as an artist,” Arkelian declared. 

These stones, steeped in mythological significance, become more than natural artifacts; they are a medium for exploring the convergence of art and technology. They embody Arakelian’s vision of uniting the natural and digital worlds, celebrating the harmony between ancient myths and contemporary realities.

Arakelian’s artistic trajectory is marked by a profound engagement with social commentary and gender identity. Her diverse mediums become channels for advocating social justice, exploring issues like race, LGBTQ,  and body positivity made possible through showcasing her work in a virtual context. 



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